Two Old Women

I was riding a jeepney one day when I saw these two old ladies, they were giggling and laughing. I think they were friends for like decades since they look like they know each other so well. They talked a lot of their whereabouts and I was like wishing to have a friend who would stay with me until I grow old, whom I could always giggle and laugh with just like these two old women.

I went to the bank to withdraw, when I saw these two old women again. They were ahead of me so I waited outside the booth of the ATM machine. Later, the other lady called me and asked some help. She said it seems like she can’t withdraw the amount she encoded, so I told her to inquire first before she would withdraw since the machine prompted, there’s no sufficient funds. She found out then that she only has a thousand, she asked the guard about it and said maybe her pension was not arrived. Her friend then told her not to worry; she will just shoulder their dinner later, how sweet of her to treat her friend. Then immediately they thank me for helping them, they also told me they couldn’t bring their kids with them to guide them because most of the time they will just take their money and will not give them their money.

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