Bonding Today

We supposed to go to the mall last night with my eldest together with our friend. But I stopped for a moment because I was thinking to bring Faith so she could have fun there. I mean it has been 2 weeks since she did not went out to go to the mall. I have a car but I just can’t bring her in without sister Merlyn. I am worried that if I would bring her in with Mj at the back she will just bother me while I am driving. And I can’t take the risk of us while I am behind the wheel, maybe when she turns 5 years old, I can bring her while I am driving and who knows she can manage herself alone at the back. It is just not now, as I said I really cannot take the risk, it would be better if I’ll just take a cab for us to get to the mall. And since, our car was brought to the shop to be fixed and my husband just wired me money yesterday. This would be a great day for me, Mariel and the kids to have a great bonding, we will go to church first then eat at the mall, and grocery shopping.

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