Great Bonding With A Friend On Christmas

My friend and I were planning to spend our Christmas together with our kids. She had some issues with her mother and she said maybe it would do them great if they would go away from the house in a moment and she plan to do it on Christmas. We were talking about what to buy for the special day and as we roamed around the mall today, I spotted this christmas wine gift basket, it is nice to have some thing that you could store your wines that you will buy from the store. Since she loves to drink wine; I think I will have to buy that. I could drink as well but moderately, I am sure that would be a great bonding for the two of us. And as the kids as well, she has two daughters and Mj is closed to them at the pool.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    You are lucky that you spend your Christmas with your friends and loved ones. Thanks for sharing it.

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