Extra Clothes in One Day Stay

I was really surprised when my niece told me how many clothes my sister brought when they travel in Cebu, she brought with her so many while in fact they would only spend one day at the place. When we started traveling to join competitions in Manila, I was always reprimanded by my friend to just bring a few so we will not be burden with charges when we checked those in the plane. So even though we spent 7 days in Manila, I have fit our things in one bag. I rolled some of the blouses so we can occupy even at the corner of our bags and some were folded. Well, anyway, as long as my sister and her friends enjoyed their vacation, hundreds of dresses are all worth it but I hope they were not charged much when they boarded in the plane.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Well it is really important to bring extra clothes in one day stay in order for us not to become smelly.

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