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We Need a 50 Meters Pool

The DCAA meet was just finished on October 27, 2011 in DMMA. Although the standard pool for the swimming is 50 meters, we don’t have any choice but to agree with the venue. Our city doesn’t have 50 meters pool, we had it before but it was rebuilt now as a fish pond in one of the park here in the city. The pool that the players are using now is 10 feet deep, we don’t have problem with that but the thing is the pool was not that clean, of course it is because the pool was used as training ground for SOLAS for the BSMT students. Definitely, the city needs a sports complex, which has complete facilities like football area, volleyball court, basketball court and a 50 meters pool so we don’t have to go to other places just to practice for 50 meters pool.