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Vote For PP Underground For 7 Wonders In The World

I’d been hearing about the new 7 wonders voting, so since it was not indicated or maybe I just didn’t notice they have put how to vote on TV. I searched here in google how to vote my prospect tourist spot as one of the new 7 wonders in the world and I found how to do it. You can actually like it in FB here’s the link . Please vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River, I hope we will win and thus Puerto Princesa will be known as one of the 7 wonders in the world.

Here’s a video when Pnoy visited the underground river, you would be amazed of how much the place could offer. I am sure you will be delighted if you get to visit the place.

Malls On All Souls Day

Last October 31, just the day before the All Saints Day, Mj, my nephew and two nieces went to NCCC mall to watch a movie. Since the movie would start after an hour yet, we decided to go to the grocery department for us to buy some things for the house. Then all a sudden this was what we’ve seen.


The Bride


The Mummy


The Nurse

Malls are improving a lot nowadays; every occasion you would expect some surprises as this is. I guess Santa Claus will be there this Christmas, geez I can’t wait.