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First Count of Votes

Due for all our votes Puerto Princesa were one of the provisional 7 seven wonders of the world. Although the ranking would be early next year yet at least the 7 spots are already confirmed. So I hope that the validation and the grand title will be on our side, yet even we are still on the first count of votes, this does not stop all the Filipinos to celebrate early. I am crossing my fingers that during the final count of votes our Puerto Princesa would be included as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Curtains For Our Home

When I think about what I will need in the house. I have to consider what furniture and what window treatments I want. Curtains are important to me. My husband likes a very dark room when he sleeps, so for the bedroom I want ones that will block out all sources of lights. For the girls I think I want curtains that are cute, but yet easy to clean. I know that they will want to help choose how their rooms are decorated, but we have to stick to a budget.

For the kitchen and other rooms, I really have to think of what I want to hang on the windows. Sometimes I think simple, yet durable is best. I will want curtains will accent the looks of the house and compliment the furniture. I want to be able to show off my house and the way it looks on the inside will help me present my home to my friends. As you can tell, I enjoy thinking about what I want the interior of my home to look like. I want it to look good inside and out.