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South Cotabato Sports Complex

This is the sports complex of South Cotabato, Marbel. The sports complex has been a venue for all the teenagers and athletes out there who would want to play any kind of sports. They had a tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, they also had a place for football players and their pool has the standard size of 50 meters. And due to their Sports Complex, South Cotabato hosted the Palaro on 1995.

Personalized Invitation Cards

On my wedding day, my friend suggested to just buy our materials and have my brother-in-law designed for the invitation cards. So one day we went to the paper supplies thus we could purchase all the materials that we want but it took us a week for them to make the papers available. If only I have known it to be so hard I could have decided to just buy the materials online. My friend as she was my wedding coordinator almost decided to cancel the order since her friend advised her to just buy a blank invitation card stock, probably it won’t cost us that much unlike the one that we just ordered in that paper shop. Well, anyway it was already done; in fact it has been two years since my wedding. My friend still accepting clients to arrange their wedding, a host and a singer for wedding occasions, but never she suggests again to buy materials for wedding invitations instead she would advise the easiest way. And speaking of wedding, I hope and I pray my friend would also experienced the wedding that I had, she had a boyfriend right now and they were talking about marriage and such. I am so happy for her and if ever she will get married here, certainly I would come to help her arrange her wedding, I would be coming over with her to choose the wedding gown she likes and probably it will be my honor to be the matron of honor for her wedding that if she would invite me to become one but if I will not, I would still be glad that I am there for her on her most special day.

It Was Such A Lovely Day

Yesterday we arrived from South Cotabato; my daughter has swimming competition out there so we need to come over for 3 days and 2 nights. Upon traveling, I was so amazed with what I’ve seen along the road. The sky was so bright, one of the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The Mt. Matutum was nearly a perfect cone; I guess it could be thought as the Mt. Mayon at the first glance. If only the road is not that bumpy, we could have enjoyed the trip fully but oh well the road sucks! I guess it is only for a moment because they are improving it yet I hope it could be done at least this year so the travelers will not having a hard time bouncing themselves while on a trip going to Gen San or Marbel.

Complete And Latest Facilities

With our technology today that it keeps upgrading. Computers and gadgets are so much useful especially in clinics and hospitals thus they need hospital computer carts, latest equipment such as ultrasounds, heart monitoring gadgets and the like. Many hospitals in our town does not have the latest and complete facilities yet, the government should be more attentive regarding with facilities and such in our hospitals. So anyone could be comfortable and patients could be given immediate medication.