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I Hope Soon

I saw my friend in the mall yesterday; I can see the excitement on her eyes while processing her requirements to go to Switzerland. We were not able to talk much because she was in a hurry to send out that last paper that she needs to mail it right away. I admit I get envy with her success in doing those documents, I am not saying that I am in a hurry, it just that soon she will be together with her boyfriend on Christmas. While we are still waiting for my husband to arrive so we can be together or have our papers done so we can be a family.

Switzerland, I could picture her wearing parka clothes or sweater, winter clothes or anything like that. I guess it will get too cold out there, I wonder how does it feel. I know some people out there is saying that it would be too boring because mostly they will just stay inside their house, with snow around they could not even go out for like an hour or two because it is just freaking too cold. Despite of that I still want to experience it myself and I am sure my kids would love to make an angel or snowman. When could we travel? I hope soon…