Raceways in the Hotels

One thing I like if I go to hotels to stay, I keep on noticing their raceways. If that was properly installed and if the design was nice because I know soon I will be using the design for my house. I know for sure if I will go to some other hotels like of that in a beach resort or beach hotels, I will get to notice again of their cable raceways or some would call it wall fish. I could still remember when I was still working in a call center, one technician described the wall fish and I keep on asking him about it because I didn’t know what or how it looks like until I tried to search it online then I found out how wall fish looks like and when I would by my own house someday, I would love to install some of those so the kids will be safe from live wires or something. Honestly I can’t wait to explore to another hotels or beach resort again, hopefully if my daughter would win and be one of the delegates  for swimming competition, I would surely get to visit another place.

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