Traffic Jam In The Road

Last night, I was amazed of how heavy traffic the road that we are passing to get to the mall from Woodridge. It doesn’t usually have a traffic jam there but yesterday, I have to stepped my clutch for numerous times. Maybe because Holiday season is fast approaching and the people are getting their bonus for their shopping spree. The traffic was compared to a road that is under construction or renovation, just like the pictures below.

We were on our way home and the road was jam packed with varieties of cars, jeepneys, buses and trucks.

One way, the other lane should have to used the opposite lane so they can get through going to downtown

And this is the culprit, the road is under construction and the lane should not be used for like weeks. Geez! Anyway, they are almost finished so that road is not that traffic anymore. Last night does not have any under construction going on but if you are in a hurry, you might be pissed off with the traffic jam. So you should go in a detour that is if you are driving your own car, in our case we could not make a detour because that is the only road going to the mall that we would like to go to last night.

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