The Final Venue For Our Christmas Party

I thought our Christmas Party will never going to happen since we could not decide where to hold our Christmas Party. We had been looking for venues for weeks already, one parent suggested if we could do it outside the city. He suggested the banana leaf or something in Tagum. Our friend already messaged me of the date and the plans, we will just convoy our cars so we will not be lost but when our friend asked the rate, she informed us it was too expensive. So we have to change venues and such, I suggested the Mergrande but some doesn’t like the idea so the final venue that was agreed by many was Paradise Beach Resort. The first ones who arrived there was the Panabo Team, followed by Mommy Joyce and her kids, her cousin and Dad, then us with sister Merlyn and Faith, then Aleks, her uncle and her Dad, and lastly our coach with his wife, daughter and niece. Mommy Ethel followed later in the afternoon, I thought the party will be too boring but the resort has many surprises, they held a program and games for the guests. My daughter was able to win some toys then after that, we gather also for the kids to play some games. The giveaways were bought by Ate Charlote, too cutey stuff, candies and oh did I mention Angry Birds stuff?

Geez, when you already had so much fun, the time just fly so fast. Next year would be another busy year for us, on January our kids would compete again for Langoy Pilipinas finals.

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