Travel Plans For January and February

January is here again, this is the month of the year that my friends are planning to go out in the country, I hope she can get her passport very soon so we can both plans where to go. Maybe the vacation will be this summer though, but we hope to get the flight the soonest possible time. Yet this month we will be going back to Marbel again, my daughter had a competition over there and this time I promised to take more pictures and next month, we will be heading to New Bataan for another competition, I wonder what store for me on March. LOL!

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  1. Rovie says:

    March? Summer Vacation Mare… Hehehe

    Pwde mag wara-wara… Abot na imong mareng clair next week…Hope we could see
    each other…

    Happy New Year. Dropping EC here…

  2. Miley C says:

    Why not traveling to a new place.
    Europe is pretty awesome this time of year, been to Netherlands a week ago, was really good.

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