Tuesday Travel # 2: Games At Paradise Beach Resort

This is the beach of the Paradise Resort that we went to last December for the club’s Christmas Party, it is low tide during daytime and it would begin to high tide starting 3 to 4pm. So aside from the games we played during Christmas Party as the picture below.


They also have some other games that you could play, and one game that we tried is volleyball. Everyone enjoyed it so much except later of the game because our arms get numb. You could also use their ping-pong, billiard and many more.

13 Responses to “Tuesday Travel # 2: Games At Paradise Beach Resort”

  1. Mrs.D says:

    wow, how fun! miss na jud nako ang beach….thanks for dropping by mamiAnne!

  2. Deli says:

    Thanks for the visit 🙂 Read your post and was wondering where exactly is Paradise Resort 🙂 Is it in the Philippines and which part? 🙂 Keep me posted 🙂

  3. Deli says:

    Thanks for the visit 🙂 Read your post and was wondering where exactly is Paradise Resort 🙂 Keep me posted 🙂

  4. Enzo says:

    Awesome Paradise.

    Returning the love from Tuesday Travels here. Thanks for dropping and for leaving a generous comment.

  5. KM says:

    i miss playing beach volleyball! looks like you had a fun day at the beach 😉

    visiting you back for TT ^^

    see you around 🙂

  6. Gengen says:

    Fun fun fun in the sand…Ali Dhemz one hour ra gikan sa balay ang beach…

  7. Ruby says:

    paradise..was there before..oh how i miss that place!
    more travels next week!

  8. i love the beach activity…

    visiting you back for TT..

  9. Cookie says:

    it looks like paradise indeed! i miss going to the beach..
    visiting back from TT 😉

  10. beautiful beach Sis, miss going to the beach so bad 🙂 thank you for sharing 🙂 Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

  11. Our travels says:

    Hi! pardon me asking, where is this resort actually? Is it the one in Palawan? anyway, looks like a fun resort to stay at, swim and play…

  12. Travelholic says:

    Paradise in Samal? Ka-nice jud diha oi! Ibog mode na kaayo ko sa ocean! 😀 I can tell everybody had fun! It always is basta beach ang venue. 🙂

    Thanks for joining last week’s TT! Please join again this week; linky is now up and running! 🙂

  13. KM says:

    i wish i live close by a beach para ang office gatherings eh sa beach din 😀

    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me comments. see you around 😉

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