Diversion Road

Most of the time, I won’t pass the Diversion Road especially at nighttime. I could get to drive there only at daytime going to the pool where my daughter have her training and I had enough Goosebumps but later all my fears were gone since I drag my guts to passed there but I have told myself never to drive there when it’s night time. You may wonder why, well, there are many trucks and big buses taking that route, it has also a four lanes so everyone are like racing, many of them are so fast and the road itself is if its not hilly it is downhill then curve so for a first time driver like me would never take that route.

The other night, since my friend always coached me that I can and I should take that route because aside from it is not traffic, it is also convenient and I could save a gas if I would take that route. So I told Mj I would take that route going home, she did not sleep because she knows how risky that road for us and we are so happy that we were able to overcome it. We made it, there are some parts that are slippery but we made it. Thank GOD!

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