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CDO Next!

We arrived here at home this night from the Marbel competition the competition went okay. My daughter won 3rd and 2nd for her age bracket and we went home so gaily. Now the team is preparing for the next competition in CDO, we didn’t know yet where would we stay but our teammate knew where to stay already. He just wants our confirmation and he could make a reservation on Tuesday. I might be visiting the Limketkai again but surely I will not only buy a cone of ice cream but I would also shop for some, oh well, let’s see.


When I go shopping for clothes, I always consider the cost of what I am buying. I don’t necessarily buy things for the brand but more for the style and the cost. So if I can save money on a good brand and in styles that I like then I think I have made a successful shopping trip. So if I can get a discount by using things like coldwater creek coupons, then I can save money and get something nice for the kids or I to wear. I like to sharp smart and by using coupons for food or clothing I can save my family money.