Tuesday Travel # 4: New Inn

I have mentioned here on this blog of the hotel that we always stayed whenever we go to Marbel; I have not posted any pictures because every time we went there, I would always forget to take some pictures of the hotel. But not recently because I successfully took some pictures of MD Square along Abad Santos St.

 This is the room of the hotel, since we were 2 adults, 1 teenager and 3 kids, we had arranged the bed that way so we could fit in. The rate was still the same no matter how many of you in the room.

 The Room

The hallway

This new inn is clean and the staffs were very accommodating, the rooms are also neat.

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12 Responses to “Tuesday Travel # 4: New Inn”

  1. Mrs.D says:

    ang ganda nang place…:)

  2. KM says:

    the place does look squeaky clean 🙂

    thanks for dropping by my TT entry.

    by the way, should you want to exchange links/badges with me, please let me know ^^ thanks again! and hope to see you more around 😉

  3. Shydub says:

    it looks clean and nice, im sure it’s not too expensive staying in that inn too

    Visit my TT entry too
    New York City

  4. Deli says:

    Yes, very neat indeed. Thanks for telling us about this inn. We might just get to travel to Marbel some day. We’ll have an idea where to stay 🙂

  5. emzkie says:

    thats a pretty clean hotel. good thing may room na ganyan. here.. you cant find one like that. they will tell u to get another room. =(

    visiting from TT! heres my take

  6. Cookie says:

    looks like a nice place to stay. thanks for sharing this. I’ll keep this in my mind in case we might go there for a summer vacation 😉

  7. Adin B says:

    It looks like a nice hotel. Visiting!

  8. amiableamy says:

    Anne, thanks for visiting my entry in TT 🙂 checking in here too… see you next week

  9. beautiful views of the new inn 🙂 Visiting from Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the visit too.

  10. Nice place.

    Dropping by for TT.

  11. Oh, i love new hotels. I love the idea that I’m the first to lie on the pristine bed.

    visiting via TT

  12. Travelholic says:

    I can tell that the room is huge and really clean! That is a must in any accommodation for me! I bed you had a great time while you were checked in.

    Thanks for sharing your TT last week! Hope to see you again for this week’s episode. Linky is now up!