Cheap Hotel

Our teammate has been trying to look for a hotel for us to stay here in CDO but he said that the hotel does not allowed reservation so they have to go there early to look for a hotel. But there are no available room for us anymore but there’s one hotel that offered us a room that 5 or 10 person can join in and it was the Willshire Hotel, that building beside their hotel was newly bought, it was not renovated yet because they haven’t paid it full to the owner yet but it already can accommodate guests already, guests who are looking for a cheaper to stay and a room that can accommodates like 10 persons. And we were so much fit in so we took the room; anyway we would only stay for like a night then we would go back home by the next day. It was not that nice because it is not renovated but with P1, 500.00 that was totally okay.

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