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Foggy Road

I was sleeping tight while we were traveling last night when I heard my friend saying “Look the road is fogging” So I opened my eyes to see it myself and it is indeed fogging, when I looked in my side while the cliff was the fog is really going down and has move to the road already. Our driver set the light to high beam so if there is anyone that is in another road will know that we are also approaching. We ran so slow this time because it was so hard to see the road, the only thing that our driver just followed is the mark signs on the street, the color is sharp so he knows were still on the right side. The kids opened their eyes too, they even said they thought that the fog is fun but traveling at night is not fun at all. Good thing, it was not zero visibility yet otherwise we really have to stop but of course we can’t just do that because it has been said that road is prone for holdups and the like so we really have to move but slowly and carefully.

For Twins

When I was pregnant with my youngest, I was so big that some people thought I was going to have twins. Well luckily, I only had one and she is enough for any mom. If I would have had twins, I probably would have bald spots from puling my hair out (joking of course). Twins present a different challenge for parents, you have to buy tow of everything expect you can buy a double baby stroller, instead of a stroller for each kid. If I would have had twins, it would have been a challenge, but I feel blessed to have two wonderful daughters, one aged eleven and the other four, of course if you want to babysit for me I won’t complain.