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Tuesday Travel # 6: LimketKai Mall In CDO

I was still in College since I visited this mall; the scholar organization at the school I attended was having an annual field trip in Cagayan. It was free so it was compulsory for the scholars to join, we just have to carry personal money with us but in my case, I didn’t because we didn’t have money at that time.

So this was one of the spots we had roam around, that was so memorable because I only have 2 pesos in my pocket and I could still remember my co-scholars bought some personal stuff while I only bought an ice cream cone at that mall.

When we went to Cagayan de Oro the other week for my daughter’s competition, even though we don’t have much time at all, my friends insisted on visiting the mall. It was like a memory lane to me, I could still remember the park. I think that was in front of the mall where my co-scholars and I were standing by for a while because some of the scholars were still inside the mall.


Now the park was gone maybe they replaced it for parking area, I am not sure though but really Lim Ket Kai had improved a lot from the time we went there like 10 or more years ago.

Anyway, I still didn’t buy anything when we visited the mall recently because we were in a hurry to go back home.

Best Acoustic Guitars

My girls both love music. My eldest daughter has wants to learn to play a musical instrument. She does not know if she wants to learn the guitar or the piano. A fender acoustic guitars would be a nice instrument for her to learn on, but she has yet to decide which she would like to pursue. One thing I know is that whichever she chooses the youngest will certainly flower. She always wants to do what her older sister does. If my older daughter chooses to learn the guitar, I hope she will be able to teach her little sister and me.