Be Careful And Alert

Last night, my friend wrote a post on her wall, and that’s everyone should be alarmed for the rampant crime that happens in the city recently and mostly the victims are all women. I am a mother and have two kids, and for me this is indeed very alarming, I am feared not for myself but for my kids when I walk along the street.  I hope the local government will do their  best to solve this crime.

Attention to everyone in DAVAO

Due to rampant crimes and killings, we ask you never to walk along the streets of JUAN LUNA CHAVEZ ST., GOVERNOR SALES ST., VILLA ABRILLE, PACIANO BANGOY ST., BAGO APLAYA MATINA, LAVERNA HILLS BUHANGIN, SAN PEDRO ST., ILUSTRE ST., VINZON ST. OBRERO, CLAVERIA, EL RIO VISTA BACACA ROAD. These are the target areas of hold ups done by riding-in-tandem. Pls. be aware & do spread to your family, friends & relatives. .kung concern po kayo pls do spread this..thank you

1.Marj Kwan..Bangoy st…11:30am-Robbed and shot
2.Mother and daughter..Bago Aplaya..9pm -Robbed and shot
3.Nursing student..near G-mall 2pm..Robbed and shot
4.Girl..Gem village,Maa..Robbed and shot
5.And may isa pa sa SPMC (former dmc) banda
6.Today 8:30am at Claveria st..Girl robbed and shot

So be careful..Babae talaga ang target nila at broad daylight.Do not bring a lot of stuff,do not wear expensive jewelries,do not use headphones,do not show cp’s,ipad’s,iphones,do not carry laptops. Pls pass to all women.

And ask God’s protection wherever you go… COVER US WITH YOUR BLOOD, LORD!

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