Escalator Incident and Safety Measures

I have witnessed so many escalator incidents before since I worked at the mall, and our station was nearby to an escalator. And of them, which I could not forget was a guy’s elbow got caught in between of a wall and the escalator handrail, the escalator at that time was under repair so there’s a lot of braces of woods installed in the wall. It took them hours to free his elbow out of the escalator, so you could imagine how afraid the guy was because if there’s no option he could have his life in danger.

Recently, the news about a 7-year-old boy taught us a lesson that whenever you are in an escalator, you should still be extra careful and be attentive if you have kids with you. Don’t left them unattended near the escalator area and never allow them to as if they are in a ride, going up and down, or treating it as a park. Checked the shoelaces and tied it before riding in an escalator. Stand in the center of the escalator hold the child’s hand, face forward and step off at the end. It is better also if you know where is the stop button in case of an emergency.

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  1. Handrail speed sensors Usually optical, it monitors the speed of the handrail in comparison to the speed of the steps. It sounds an alarm and automatically stops the escalator if it sees a difference in each others speeds.

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