International Driver’s License

A long time ago, somebody has told me about International Driver’s License, I was kind a interested to know more about it and promised to visit their office but I forgot about it since I am too busy almost everyday. Last week, the store where I bought my spare tire for my car, the office was just nearby so I came in to inquire. The International License costs only P1, 500.00 I just need to fill up the form and would send an ID picture then I can get it after a week, but if I would register as a member, which I could enjoy the benefits that they are offering like a 24/7 service when my car will get trouble in the middle of the road, they are always available for towing. That’s only one of their services I could enjoy once I would sign up and if I decide to get an International Driver’s License I would only pay for P300.00. Isn’t that great? I am not that convinced though if this license would you represent when you go abroad but the staff said many OFW’s already are taking it.

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