Broke Down

Last week, when my friend and I went out from the mall to send her to the bus stop going home, suddenly my car broke down in the middle of the road. I could not run it forward no matter how I stepped the accelerator so hard, I thought I had a flat tire again but when I checked it, all the tires are okay, there’s only one thing though the tire on the left side seems like it was turn 90%. The teenager who runs toward us to rescue informed me that the knot was loosened and now it is gone. He and his friends helped each other to pushed the car forward to the side so it won’t create traffic or interrupt anyone there. I also put the warning device immediately so they would know that my car was in trouble, some people tried to help us but they did not succeeded since the shop was already closed at that time and they could find a knot to replace it on the tie rod end. I just called my mechanic to come over to rescue me, because I thought to just tow my car for me to get home, my friend already went ahead to the terminal so she can still catch the bus going to the province. I was there waiting inside my car for my mechanic to rescue me, after almost an hour, they arrived and guess what, they don’t need to tow my car because he just put a temporary knot to the tie rod end and added a wire to tie it hard so it won’t loosened.

I drove my car to the shop, I know it was kind a scary because I know that something is wrong with my car but I am confident that I can get through, my mechanic was just driving in my back so if the car would break down again they can help immediately. I succeeded, I was able to arrive at their shop safe, they replace the knot since they have the spare then I was ready to go back home.

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  1. Richard says:

    Whoa that is a very bad experience. I am glad you are safe and your car is okay now.

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