Since I heard the news of a sinkhole in Cebu, I was curious how does it look like in real. The said sinkhole occurred after of so many aftershocks.

According to Wikepidia, sinkhole also known as snake hole, swallet doline or cenote, it is a depression or hole in the Earth’s surface caused by karst processes. It is the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks. Sinkholes maybe formed gradually or suddenly and are found worldwide, including recently the Philippines.

In Cebu, they said that the certain sinkholes appeared after an earthquake and since the shaking occurred after the rain that created a sinkhole.
Here are some pictures of sinkholes  I found on the net:

This sinkhole is found in Belize Ambergriz Caye, known as the Great Blue Hole

This is the sinkhole in Oman

Sinkhole in Hawthorne Florida 

This sinkhole is found in Dumanjug, Cebu

credits to sunstar

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