Airport Incidents

There are many incidents that are happening in the airport nowadays, like catching someone carrying drugs and when he/she was asked, he/she would say that somebody just handed it to them and that they don’t know what’s inside of the bag. Or somebody wants it to check in to the luggage area and since they were overloaded, they just asked it to check it in through you. Or maybe they really own the bag and just denied it that they don’t.

There are cases of human trafficking as well, recently a girl was caught trying to get through for Singapore and the passport that she had was not hers. The immigration has second thoughts to approve her so he asked to wipe her face with a cloth and then there it is, her mole was gone as she had in the passport ID. The girl was asked what would she do in Singapore, she could not answer and she seems like she doesn’t know where she is going. She doesn’t have papers or invitation or itinerary of her return. It has been said that she is a victim of human trafficking.

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