Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a busy mom with two very active daughters. The daughters were very sweet and nice most of the time, though they could be a real pain at times. Now these two girls are very special to their mom and dad. So in order to make them have special birthdays, the mom wanted to design her own invitations to their birthday parties and also give them personalized birthday cards.

Now the mom had experience doing this since she was able to design her very own wedding invitations. The girl’s birthdays are only three weeks apart, even though they would have separate parties, mom could design both birthday  invitations and  cards at the same time. So, before the eldest daughter’s birthday, which came first, mom went to look for a place she could design her daughter’s very own special invitation. Something that the daughter would like and her friends would love. At the same time she started work on the younger daughter’s invitations. Since the youngest would be four years old, she wanted something that would be unique with lots of cuddly looking animals.

Well needless to say, mom did a great job on the invitations with what she was able to find just by going to the right place on the Internet. Mom remembered that daddy’s birthday is just around the corner and now she wants to start work on invitations for him. Now daddy does not like to have a fuss made over him, especially on his birthday. But the kids love to eat cake and so mom will try to do something that he and the kids will enjoy.

While visiting this particular website, mom noticed all kinds of invitations she could create there. Not only for the birthdays, but almost any special day you can think of. If you can think of a special occasion you can most certainly find it here. I know mom is a smart woman.

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