Tuesday Travel # 10: Gap Farm Cave

When we were still looking for a pool for our kids last summer, we landed to Gap Farm pool. Their pool is also 25 meters but the deep is up to 8 feet. The kids love it there but their demands were so unreachable, we could not afford their price if we will be there thrice a week so we had to look for another venue. And since the kids were already there, we just let them have their training only on that day then after that, they roam around the place they reached the cave located nearby where we had our cottage. These were they saw inside the cave, and because they’re kids they enjoyed it so much.

Points of View of Travels and Places

You could see this snake at the entrance, welcoming each guests

Points of View of Travels and Places

Then as you go inside the cave, there’s a giant with one eye smiling so wide at you.

Points of View of Travels and Places

Near the exit, you could meet this Japanese guy asking for you to pay.

Points of View of Travels and Places
After exploring inside, the kids pose for a moment for picture taking.

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11 Responses to “Tuesday Travel # 10: Gap Farm Cave”

  1. Jheylo says:

    looks like they had so much fun wandering and exploring inside the cave

    mine is up http://jerlalouw.blogspot.com/2012/03/alcatraz-prison-cell.html

  2. Tracyann0312 says:

    Looks like you enjoy your entire Tuesday travelling and exploring new things. Can I ask where is the place located? Thanks for sharing your exploration in the cave.

  3. Deli says:

    A fun day for the kids 🙂 Thanks for the visit 🙂

  4. Mrs.D says:

    how cool! I love those giant statues…:) visiting from TT!

  5. KM says:

    Where is Gap Farm Cave located? 😉

    Here for TT ^^

  6. bev says:

    nagulat ako sa one eyed giant statue. Was here for TT, I appreciate if you visit my entry

  7. Cookie says:

    the kids obviously had fun 😉 delayed visiting from TT

  8. Adin B says:

    That giant one will probably scare the pants out of me. hahaha… It looks creepy! Visiting very late via TT!

  9. that is very interesting cave Sis 🙂 the kids looks like they have fun 🙂 Visiting from Tuesday Travels Momi Dhemz, hope that you can return the visit too.

  10. Travelholic says:

    I miss this place! I spent a lot of times here when I lived in Davao for over 4 years! Gosh, my 4th year high school held our farewell party here and the cave gave us so much memories! 🙂

    Thanks for joining TT last week! Hope you don’t get tired joining, Mommy Anne! 🙂

  11. Emily Woodhouse says:

    lol…loved those photos. Specially the Japanese guy who’s asking for money. Glad to see your children’s smile.

    Thanks for such a nice post.

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