Paradise Resort Again Today

Yes, today we went back to Paradise Beach Resort for my kid to join a competition, the fee could have been worth it if the kids have joined 4 events as it is the requirement for a swimming competition or even in a fun swim but we were surprised when we went there because the kids just swim for freestyle and nothing at all after that, what surprised us more is the host of the said competition, we thought that the host was the one who invited us, we were wronged because it is actually the other coach, the coach that always ignores us at the pool where the kids had their training.

On the other hand, since we wanted to just be okay with it, we just spent our time eating and watching some shows that the resort was offered. The Balintoks was still there, the group that I had posted here before during our Christmas party. The Wushu team was there also to promote their summer sports clinic. They demonstrated some techniques and some moves that a Wushu must have. The Paradise Beach Resort improves each year, even their shows have different surprises that the guests must watch. I still enjoyed our stay there though, with all the laughs and the jokes, it is somehow relieved me from the stress because of the expenses that we incurred.

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