I Want To Be The Sleeping Dinosaur

I was in college that we passed by this island in Mati, the island is viewable from where we stood at; they called it the sleeping dinosaur. I was amazed with the image of that small island; it is indeed looks like a dinosaur lies down in the water. I wanted to take a picture of it as my background but my co-scholars run towards me and posed with me. The result, there was no dinosaur in the picture because the image was entirely covered with our pose. I was laughing though because if someone would ask where the sleeping dinosaur in the picture is, I will just answer then; just imagine the dinosaur behind our back. Anyway, it was okay, at least the smiles that we had were genuine and you know what? Right now, I want to be the sleeping dinosaur because I am already sleepy and geez my head is aching since I skipped my breakfast, it was already too late when I realized that I am already hungry. So folks, goodnight, I will really have to park now.

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