Tuesday Travel # 11: Xcelerator

My friend and I agreed to try the zipline at the xlerator at the Diversion Road. It was such an amazing experience, scary but when you were able to cross the river, it is like you have faced your fear and was able to overcome it.


Here’s their safety measure guidance. What I don’t like the zipline is that you would sign a waiver that if there’s something would happen to you, they are not liable.


This were what we need to cross over



Here’s my friend and I, hanging up in the air



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8 Responses to “Tuesday Travel # 11: Xcelerator”

  1. AizzaMarie says:

    I have already tried this zipline and it was really exciting!I have heard more people are really excited to try this, like me…

  2. Adin B says:

    Oh my! How fun! Kanindot magzipline mommy Anne B. 🙂 I have noticed nagkadaghan ang ziplines sa Pinas da. 🙂 Lovely lady and lovely photos!

  3. sir rob says:

    During our trip in the underground river, we saw a zipline that traversed above the sea from a higher point in the forest.

  4. emzkie says:

    that totally sucks! i mean the waiver! i mean what if the line will break? they are not liable? that is very scary indeed. but it sure looks fun!

    from TT

  5. Travelholic says:

    Weeeeeeeeeh! That sounds so fun and looks like a very thrilling adventure Momi Anne! I really would love to try that out, but the husband cautioned me not to, while the kids are still young. Hahaha. I can tell that you enjoyed it! 🙂

    Visiting for last week’s TT. Thanks for joining; linky for this week is now up. Hope you can share yours! 🙂

  6. colet says:

    what are the price rates po? just want to be updated on the price. thanks po 🙂

  7. Fantastic point of views! Thanks for sharing this piece. I would love to travel to the Xcelerator some time.

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