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We had an easy take off although the plane shakes a little bit but it was manageable. I felt okay when the plane is already in the air. My youngest was so happy to experience flying in the plane then; I guess she already forgot her experience from before when her Daddy was here. For her that was the first time ever, she keeps on talking and exclaiming, I thought that was a great experience ever. When we were almost at our destination, the pilot announced of an air packet, few moments later, the plane rapidly went down then it moved upward fast the same as it went down. The passengers could not help but to screamed, I just hold my daughter’s hand and closed my eyes. I was a little scared but with my youngest, everything was just so cool.

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My Vintage Car

I guess you already have read my post about driving the whole day in my other blog. I tell you, that was very exhausted but I have to since I am the driver in the house and when it was started? It started when I bought a car, a vintage car. It was just yesterday after we went to the mall and I turn the tail light on, I noticed it didn’t light. I have turned it on and off, after a while it turned on but when the car is already in motion it went off again. I have to turn the car on the side of the street to check it again but it never turned on.

I already told my mechanic regarding with the car and he told me to just send it on Sunday right after we are done with our training. I planned to put the car in the shop today but it is hard for me now to go out without a car. I mean, with all the things I need to load in my car like bags, mat and swimming materials it is really too hassle for me if I would take a Jeepney. Ever since I learned how to drive and the car helped me to go to some places and helps me venture with the shortcuts, it is indeed fun to drive even though the car is already vintage.

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Chatting With Friends For Dubai

Last night, I was able to chat with my friend online. We were kidding each other until we asked our friend if we could visit Dubai this year. She was hesitated about it since she can’t file a leave of absence yet because she was just accepted in the job. I just told her, we will just go around downtown or roaming around after her work or when during day off. Our trip to Singapore will I guess be set aside because one of our friends could not go for financial reason so instead of Singapore maybe I will give myself a treat and will go to Dubai instead with my other set of friends. I am hoping to see the tower and to step into the desert and to eat at their prestigious restaurant.

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Affordable Holiday Packages

Staycations vs Cheap Holidays Abroad Infographic - Thomas Cook

Summer is so much fun especially if you can find a very affordable holiday packages with Thomas Cook, I am sure each one of the family will enjoy the summer. Not only with the hotel that you are staying are affordable but also with foods and drinks. As you have your family get away, you could also get more rays for your money. You could find how the average temperatures stack up. The whole staffs are very accommodating when you have concerns, they will make sure that they are there when you needed them. This holidays abroad infographic is  totally awesome!

Provided by ThomasCook

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