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Mama, This Is The Life!

Last night, my friend called me to inquire for a day tour at Maxima but when I tried to search the phone over the Internet, no one was able to answer my call. So I suggested to my friend for Camp Holiday and since I found their phone with no sweat at all, I tried to dial their number and viola, somebody answered me. I only took F with me for bonding time at least before I go for a trip for 5 days, Jm will be with me for this 5 days trip.

We had a great time in Camp Holiday especially my youngest, the friends of Jm asked me of her but since the coach is advising her to rest and prepare for the DAVRAA competition, Jm was not able to join us. But F, oh she had so much fun, she was able to catch some starfish, play in the sand, made a snow angel out of the sand and oh she could swim this time with a floater on her shoulder of course. When she does the back float, she said “Mom this is the life!”

I’ll be posting some pictures soon; I have to hurry this time to pack our things again for DAVRAA.

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