Tuesday Travel # 13: Camp Holiday Resort

We spent our Easter Sunday at the Camp Holiday in Samal, it supposed to be at the Maxima but it is too far than at the Camp Holiday. This getaway is so abrupt, it was unplanned, we decided to go to the beach over the phone. But even so, we still had a blast even my youngest daughter. I did not bring my eldest since she needs to rest for her upcoming competition.


The first thing that F went is the playground, she roam around, she slides, she swing and she play with other kids there. She always went back here just before she swims in the water.


When she is done at the pool, she went with her friends at the beach. It was low tide at the moment so one have to go far just to reach the water and since could not go far beyond the limit area, they just enjoyed themselves looking for some corals.


Here’s the side of the Camp Holiday


I guess here are some of the cottages aside from the cottages in front.


The white sand, I just love it!


At the restaurant, we were on our way to the exit when I took this picture, we were on our way to the barge this time.


Near the reception area.

It is just easy to get there at the Camp Holiday you just have to ride the barge in Sasa near Sasa wharf and when the barge docked in, you could already see the Camp Holiday nearby. For more inquiries, just call this number 227-5055

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  1. Travelholic says:

    What a beautiful resort to check out! I so miss the ocean na jud and I am drooling even more upon seeing your photos of this paradise! I hope to be able to visit this place someday! 🙂

    Thanks for joining last week’s TT Mommy Anne! Please join again; linky for this week is now up! 🙂

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