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Than To No Place At All To Stay

This is the 3rd day staying here in Compostela and I so miss my youngest daughter. I haven’t called her today because I feel like I want to go back home the moment I heard her voice. Anyway, I ask Jm if I could go back to the pension house so I could rest a little. I could see she was enjoying her time at the quarter and a nap for me is not bad at all. The Azul Pension House is a small pension house located at Clarin Street. It is so affordable, it is only P600.00 and the owner is very accommodating, actually she gave me discounts instead of P1, 200 per day, she gave me half. What I don’t like was the mosquitoes under the table, they were so many, and I even asked Jm to put some off lotion on the first night that we sleep there. The next day, I bought an insect spray and sprayed it all over to the room. Their bathroom is clean although they don’t have the heater; the water is as cold as ice early in the morning on our bath time. But I don’t have to complain about because this is already nice and safety than to no place to stay at all.

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