Friendly And Very Accommodating Hotels

When I learned that my daughter is one of the delegates in PALARONG Pambansa next month, I hurriedly turn my computer on and inquire for some hotels near the event. One of the hotels that are very accommodating when I checked the Lingayen Pangasinan was the Presidents Hotel, although he told me that they are already fully booked and yet he asked me of my cellphone number that if there’s apartment available for me, he would just message me. I also got his number so I could make a follow up. As I thought that the swimming competition will held in Pangasinan, I went over from the lists I stumbled on the net, and I found the Hotel Consuelo Resort and Chinese Restaurant, the girl on the other line told me that they are also fully booked but she gave me a number of a person who have a house for rent in Pangasinan, I tried to contact him but the weather did not permit me so, it was raining cats and dogs here when I called the guy. I didn’t have enough funds in my cellphone so I was not able to make a follow up call, after a while my friend called me and told me that we will not be staying in Pangasinan but in Dagupan because the swimming pool where they held their swimming competition is in Dagupan, I was so silly asking for room rates only to find out that we will not be staying there. Moreover, I still need to call some hotels in Dagupan tomorrow; I am crossing my finger that there are still rooms available for us.

If you want to find a hotel in Lingayen Pangasinan here’s the contact number of President Hotel (075) 542-3056; 0919-8726846 and for Hotel Consuelo Resort their contact number is (075) 542-8932

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