Chatting With Friends For Dubai

Last night, I was able to chat with my friend online. We were kidding each other until we asked our friend if we could visit Dubai this year. She was hesitated about it since she can’t file a leave of absence yet because she was just accepted in the job. I just told her, we will just go around downtown or roaming around after her work or when during day off. Our trip to Singapore will I guess be set aside because one of our friends could not go for financial reason so instead of Singapore maybe I will give myself a treat and will go to Dubai instead with my other set of friends. I am hoping to see the tower and to step into the desert and to eat at their prestigious restaurant.

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  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    So how was your trip in Dubai, is it lovely. They say that Dubai is one of the wonderful place in Asia because it is clean. Thanks for sharing you chat with your friends.

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