My Vintage Car

I guess you already have read my post about driving the whole day in my other blog. I tell you, that was very exhausted but I have to since I am the driver in the house and when it was started? It started when I bought a car, a vintage car. It was just yesterday after we went to the mall and I turn the tail light on, I noticed it didn’t light. I have turned it on and off, after a while it turned on but when the car is already in motion it went off again. I have to turn the car on the side of the street to check it again but it never turned on.

I already told my mechanic regarding with the car and he told me to just send it on Sunday right after we are done with our training. I planned to put the car in the shop today but it is hard for me now to go out without a car. I mean, with all the things I need to load in my car like bags, mat and swimming materials it is really too hassle for me if I would take a Jeepney. Ever since I learned how to drive and the car helped me to go to some places and helps me venture with the shortcuts, it is indeed fun to drive even though the car is already vintage.

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