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30 Minutes Of Waiting

The only problem with the room that we are staying right now is, it get’s too hot even at night time. We could not even sleep and today it even gets hotter so after lunch, we went to Robinsons to at least feel comfortable at once. And since I don’t have anything to buy there, we just decided to try their cinema and since we haven’t watched the Avengers, it was the right timing then.

I choose not the 3D it costs us a lot but you know what actually, the 3D back in our place is more costly than here, it is just I am on a tight budget. As the movie started, everything was cool; we are so comfortable until we experienced the power outage. It took them a while to connect the film, I didn’t hear any boos in the background so we just seated there waiting for the movie to connect. I think we already waited for about 30 minutes, yet the people were waiting patiently. I was telling my sister maybe it is better to quit watching and ask for refund but after a while, the movie continued, thank GOD!

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