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7/11 In Every Corner

Here in Dagupan, you could find a lot of 7/11, I guess they are in every location. The people are really going inside to buy some goods for them even early in the morning at that! Aside from grocery stuff you could buy from the store, they are also offering breakfast. And this is good for us since we are all busy and looking for meals that are not that costly. For P59.00 you can have a sumptuous meal in 7/11. I wonder why we don’t have 7/11 in our place, I guess some business venture would try at least to put one there.

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Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan

The other day we went to our Lady of Manaoag, the first plan was to visit and to light a candle but when we went there, they had masses from time to time so we did not slipped it away, we attended a 12 noon mass. I was amazed with the statue of our Lady of Manaoag, and the altar was so stunning. The crown is gold and the dress is jewel sewn. There were several attempt to burglar the crown but no one was successful. The image of is fully secured with  bulletproof glasses enclosing on 3 sides above the old high altar.

The Our Lady of Manaoag has a long history of miraculous and pious events and one of these are the sparing of the town from a wildfire.

The animist mountain tribes burnt down newly-converted Christian villages and the town of Manaoag was among the settlements set afire and the roof of the church was their last refuge. The leader of the pillagers climbed over the compound’s crude fence and shot flaming arrows into all parts of the church. But the church stood still and miraculously did not ignite at all.

This miraculous statue became famous in 1940 when the Japanese threw several bombs within the vicinity of the church. One landed in the plaza and the facade destroying both. The last bomb landed in the church but it remains intact and did not explode.

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Making the Most of Majorca Holidays

Low cost holidays to Majorca are the perfect choice for families, party rockers and couples alike. Searching online for a great deal on Majorca holidays will leave you with cash to splash on making the most of your destination of choice.

Alcudia is a lovely location for young families, located to the north east of the island. Although it is a popular tourist destination with plenty of entertainment and activities on offer, it is somewhat calmer than family friendly Palma Nova.

Children of all ages will love the nearby waterpark, Hidro Park, with its numerous slides, flumes and swimming area. The park also offers opportunities for families to practice their snorkelling and try out sphering in the large pool.

The remaining days of your break can be spent lazing by the stunning shores; however if you do fancy another venture away from your complex, S’Albufera de Mallorca is a relaxing day out.

The wetland reserve is home to protected wildlife including many species of bird in addition to many different types of fauna. Stroll through their natural habitat, and take pictures of your favourite feathered finds.

Palma Nova is a resort for those who like to be in the centre of the action. The area is bustling with plenty of shops, eateries and bars to reflect its popularity with tourists.

Ideal if you like to bathe for bargain prices, Palma Nova has stretches of golden sands and some cheap and cheerful hotels where you can rest your head.

The neighbouring resort of Magaluf is just a short walk away. Far enough to keep noise at bay, yet convenient if you do fancy a night of drinking and dancing.

Whichever area you choose, Majorca holidays, island wide, are fantastic, relaxing low cost holidays with easy access to plenty of attractions and entertainment.

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Sunsets In Dagupan


Does it look like 5:00 p.m., yet? Nope, not at all, it is actually 6:30 p.m., yet the daylight is still shining outside. This was taken at the dormitory that we rented here in Dagupan. During our 5th day of staying here, we noticed that the sun sets will start almost at 7:00 p.m., while in our place the sun sets will start as early as 6:00 0 p.m.

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