Do You Go To The Malls To Freshen Up?

The next day we arrived here in Dagupan we looked for a mall to stay for a while to freshen up. It is just so hot in here and staying for like hours in the mall can help me charge from being drain.

The Robinson Mall just opened last March 16, 2012 and their grand opening would be this month. So that explains why it is still so not crowded with stalls and the like.

Do you also like to go to the mall to cool up when it is too hot? I don’t usually do this but in Dagupan if you are just a guest here, I guess you can’t take the weather at all and you would also probably visit in the malls nearby.


We waited for a while for the mall to open since we arrived too early


And immediately we went to food court to have our lunch.


When we were done my youngest took a pose for a while

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