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We Just Tour The Baguio City Today

So we woke up early in the morning today to begin our tour here in Baguio. First we went to the Chinese Temple, we were able to walk a few steps upstairs but with my youngest daughter, I don’t think we can still go far so after like a few steps we went down to go to the van that we rented for our next tour.

Our next tour was the strawberry farm; we were able to see how they plant it and were able to taste the fresh strawberry although we’ve just seen the small ones. They said that the strawberry season is February and during the season, the strawberries are bigger than of what we had today. We also tried to walk the too steep stairs in Grotto, F saw 2 Igorots and she wanted to take a picture of them so we wore their hats and took a picture with them.

We also went to Mines View Park; we were able to see the rest house of former President Marcos. We also went to the Mansion House where our Presidents are staying when they have transaction or go there in Baguio. We also roam around the Wright Park and tried their horses; we actually have our picture has taken with the horses. From there, we also visited the park along Kennon, the PMA and the John Hay. The last one we went to was the Burnham Park, where the kids enjoyed biking while we were indulging the breeze of the wind along the bay.,

Our teammates invited us for a dinner at their relative’s house, their house was located at the very highest place, the road was also too steep and we walked in a down slope road. It is too cold out there, I need to wear a hat this time, and even Jm was already shaking and seems like having fever again.,

We went home with a full tummy, Jm hit the bed immediately, I guess she is really so tired and F in just a minute after she took a shower, slept right away.

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