I Can Sleep In Eurotel

Oh yeah, I can sleep deep and sounds here unlike the Kings Court in Baguio, I just could not sleep there because of the incidents that happened to me on the first night that we stayed there. You see, somebody knocked on our door and tried to open it.

How can you sleep with too much things going around in your head? I even thought I should not write my marriage family name in the registration form to avoid circumstances like forcing the door of your room to open. Oh well, I know I am just exaggerating, they didn’t force though it is just they tried it to open then nothing more.

Then I could also hear footsteps from the corridor, even my sisters hear it. We thought there are some ghosts or something hovering around the place. Anyway, it is so much opposite here in Eurotel, everything is so comfortable. I can sleep without anything to worry about at all.

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