Family Fun Time In Provo

When thinking of family vacations, I think of the beach, my husband thinks of amusement parks or the mountains. He really loves the mountains and me and the kids love the beach. Maybe it’s because he sunburns easily and my two daughters are practically water bugs. So when we think of a beach vacation, we normally think of California, Hawaii or Florida. But who would of thought of a beach resort in Provo Utah of all places? Well there is a great Salt Lake there and my husband lived in Salt Lake City for a couple of years when he was growing up.

I get a lot has changed since then and he certainly had not heard of a beach resort in Provo. Well when thinking of places to vacationing, have some Provo Fun is not such a bad idea. I mean me and the girls can get our beach time and still make him take us up to the mountains. I think we can all have fun there.

While we are having fun at the Provo Beach Resort, he can watch us and read a book because I know he will be covered in sun screen because he burns so easily, while me and the girls will just get darker. So if you want to get some date ideas in Provo for your family, you should check it out. I am sure fun can be had for all. So now when we think about a beach vacation, Prove will be on the list.

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