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Flight 4:30

Yesterday we went to the airport so early, our flight was 4:30 a.m. but we arrived there at the airport as early as 11:00 p.m. I looked around and the people who have the same flight with ours made themselves comfortable by putting a mat on the floor for them to sleep on. We didn’t have mat so we just sat down on our trolley and while my friend was asleep by just sitting down, me and the kids tried to just watch a movie through the IPAD of my friend until it was the time for our check-in.

We were already in the boarding gate when we fell asleep in the chair, we’d been sleeping for an hour until we were called to get on the plane and the moment we sat down, after we had put our carried baggage in the bin, we fall asleep again, even Mj said that she was not able to see outside the window as she was also felt very tired and just wanted to sleep. The whole trip was so silent, I guess everyone were so tired waiting for the boarding time as well. We woke up when it was almost to land.

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Hydraulic Hose

I enjoy learning about new things. The more I learn the better I am able to understand how things work. So what have I been reading up on lately? Well I am reading about the various ways hydraulic hose can be put to use. I know that my car has a hydraulic breaking system and hydraulics is used in airplanes and trains. Hydraulic tools are even used, like in jackhammers. What do all of these things need? They all need a hydraulic hose to get the hydraulic fluid from one place to another. While reading about the hoses, I came across another term that is new to me and that is “thermo plastic.” Hoses made from Thermo plastics tend to be cleaner than regular rubber hoses, thus keeping you hydraulic fluid freer from contaminants.

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