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Fun At Pearl Farm

I surely had so much fun at Pearl Farm Resort during our day tour with friends. You would find it obvious at my picture below.


And oh especially with this one, although I was really not the one who operated it but I obviously had fun just making a pose with it.


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Thinking To Replace My Car

Here I am thinking about cars again. Recently my 1995 automobile was in the repair shop again. When I was taking my daughter to her swimming practice, the car would not start. I had to call the repairman who only had to replace a fuse. Whenever I think of the problems I am having with this older car, the more I think I need to replace it. I have written about various cars in the past but never about the Honda Accord.

My husband says that Honda has a very good reputation and in his opinion, for years has been one of the most dependable cars on the road. So if I were could I find Accords for sale in Provo? Well I actually know of a place to get them and I will certainly want to take one for a test drive.

Now only if I can convince my husband that I need to replace that old 1995 with a newer vehicle like the Accord. So now that I am writing about Provo, Utah and Provo Accord, maybe my destiny will take me to Provo. My husband live in Salt Lake City as a Child and Provo is just a short distance down I-84.

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When My Car Broke Down

After I dropped off my niece on the road going home, I headed immediately to my eldest daughter’s school to fetch her. I turn the engine off and picked Jm up. But when we went back to the car and I started the engine on, it suddenly went off. I tried and tried to turn it off and on but still it didn’t work. So I called our mechanic for a rescue they arrived immediately and fixed the car immediately. I so need a mechanic like him especially when the car broke down without any notice, and since he fixed it immediately, I reached the pool just on time, oh well a little bit late but at least my daughter was able to attend her training and she couldn’t be happier.

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I Am Proud To Be A Member

As I want to be a member again in the Diamond club in Apo View, my husband has to agree with me and so he asked me to go there to pay the registration fee. I have to drive fast to get there though because my daughter is already waiting for me at school. I already contacted Christine of the Diamond Club to meet me at the lobby; she was a friend of mine way back when I was still in high school, so it was easy for me to deal with her. When I mentioned her about Marriott Hotel, she told me that I would have to tell her if we would stay there because I will get a discount if I would tell her, I will just have to tell the dates and she will call somebody in Marriott Hotel to give me a discount. Isn’t that great? On the other hand, even though I would still love to hear any whereabouts from her, I need to go out in the hotel to catch up with my daughter, it was already 4:30 p.m. and I was sure there will be a traffic jam on the road because students and workers will be going home.

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