My Nieces Were In Charge

Recently, we just got home from vacationing with my two daughters and attending two swimming competitions my eldest daughter was in. While we were away, we asked my nieces to take care of our house. Now my nieces are on school break and they are both teenagers. But I trust them to take care of the house and not throw any wild parties or have friends over. One of my sister lives close buy and I know she will be checking up on them. My husband also called them sometimes but I guess it is more easier and cheaper if we have vonage world but anyway my husband does not count of how much money he spends in long distance, he is thinking more of the safety of my nieces in our house so he doesn’t mind calling them.

Even though I know my sister will be checking on them, I will also call them to check the status of the house. It is nice to have somebody take care of our property when we are away from home. I don’t have to worry about somebody breaking in and I can trust the girls to do a good job of keeping the house clean and not to do anything they shouldn’t. Of course, the ability of them to contact me in case of a problem a problem with one of the appliances or other issue is very important.

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