Good Thing I Brought My Car On That Trip

Sometimes I don’t like to drive, there are times that I thought it is better to commute than to drive myself in the mall or any other places.

But just the other day, I realized how important to have a car when I go to a certain place that is new to me. Right after our belly dancing session, my friend asked me if I would like to have dinner outside, my daughter was with me at that time since she also done with her Kumon and have fetched before we went to the gym. I want to try to dine in a new place but I don’t know where, my friend knows everything that I do. So we journeyed the road not knowing where to go, my friend seemed to forget where was the restaurant located that she want us to try on. I just drive and drive until she finally familiar with the place then she instructed me where I should headed. See? If I didn’t bring my car that time, we will be paying too much if we are going to take a taxi cab and if with a Jeepney, I just found out that there is no Jeepney that coming to that road. Mostly, only taxicabs can go to that restaurant that she recommended. Oh well, it was such an adventure trip and guess what? My friend was never wrong because I actually like the foods that they served.

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