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I had heard a lot of stories when you work abroad but to hear it from my friend’s experience was different. She called me last week and told me that she was in Iran for like how many days. I could see some pictures of her in Iran but I thought she was not there for visa purposes, I thought she was there because her company sent her there for work. But nope she was there because her company that she worked for like weeks did not processed her working visa and her tourist visa was expiring. Good thing she was able to come up with a solution immediately, she resigned from work and posted herself in a website, which some company often visit when they are looking for someone to hire. She posted in her profile that she is experienced so the company would hire her right away. One company called her and promised to processed her working visa immediately, yet she still needs to exit in the country and will go to Iran. Good thing, she just stayed there for only five days but there are some workers out there who were not able to have a working visa right away, some spent there for like 5 months already, some went home to their country instead.

Working in another country is not easy, you should strive so hard even make it double to survive. It is just a good thing that my friend decided right away not to stay with her previous company even they promised her that they will process it in the next few days. ,She said they had made her waited for a while, they fooled her that her working visa is already in processed and then she just found out later, they had problem with the labor that’s why all the working visas were pending.

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