The Newly Massage Spa I Love

What happen to the massage parlor that we went two weeks ago? We asked ourselves this question when we found out that the massage parlor was already closed. I thought that they were just spending a holiday when we went there yesterday so we just went home instead but when we went there again today, it was still closed. So I asked the store nearby and yes it is confirmed, they are out of business. We decided to look for another massage parlor when the owner of the store nearby recommended us a massage parlor that has a great service. It is just actually adjacent of the massage parlor that we used to go, anyway so we tried the other parlor and yes it was different but loving the service as well.

They offered us a combination of a Swedish and stone massage, I thought they will just put the stones on our back and leave it there for like 15 minutes but nope, they have us lie down against our back, the normal way when we are sleeping. Then the lady put the hot stone on our back each side, while she massage my face with a stone. She massaged my whole body with a very soothing hot stone, I tell you it was indeed a great feeling. And like the other massage spa, this massage parlor is also homey, I like the ambiance and the stress free music that they are playing. I think I have slept for a while and you know what that means I just really really love it.

And because the feeling was so relaxing, I forgot the name of the massage spa, but nevertheless this will not be the first but just first of so many visits of the place in the coming days. And next time, I promised even if I have to write it on my note, I’ll be glad to do it just to share this very cool, relaxing and stress free like massage spa.

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  1. Yay, what a way of relaxing right. I also love the swedish massage it is popular here in Sweden though it is expensive but it woorth it since I go there twice a year hehe..

  2. TracyAnn0312 says:

    Well it seems that the Spa you love offer great relaxation to their costumers. Thanks for sharing it.

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